Training Assessment

Are your training programs consistently improving? Are they staying current with worker, station and industry needs and standards? How do you know? How effective are your self-assessments and subsequent corrective actions? Are your corrective actions sustainable? Are they actually improving performance as intended?

These and many more questions can be answered with a comprehensive training department self-assessment program/process.

History has shown that weak self-assessment programs and processes are at the heart of many accreditation and/or probation issues. Training managers who have had training programs go on probation have stated that weak self-assessment programs/processes were a significant contributor.   Many training programs today use generic site self-assessment procedures to control and direct the special needs of training. Many lack detail and focus that will ensure consistent high quality results every time. The quality of your self-assessment program is dependent on what you’ve put in.

Take a moment to review your current procedure/process. Does it contain specific detail in the following areas?

   If you find you may need detail in any of these areas contact us for a review of your current self-assessment procedure/process.