Expertise - Biography

 James R. Johns III

Mr. Jim Johns is a nuclear power plant professional with a broad range of managerial and implementation experience in the area of Maintenance Rule, Reliability Centered Maintenance, and Project Management. Jim  is a results-oriented energy professional with a proven history of successful leadership, problem solving and high productivity.  Well-developed thought process and interpersonal skills with focus on client satisfaction accurately describe Mr. Johns’ approach to client support.  His twenty years plus of commercial experience in the design and retrofit of power generation process systems and equipment compliment his problem-solving abilities.   Jim’s previous responsibilities include several supervisory and management roles including Project Management, Systems, Design and Procurement Engineering, Licensing, and Maintenance.  Prior to entering the commercial energy industry, Jim honorably served in the United States Navy for ten years. Jim has had numerous work responsibilities including several engineering management and supervisory roles within the Systems, Design and Procurement Engineering sections, Licensing, Maintenance, Corrective Actions and Quality Assurance departments at US commercial nuclear power stations.

 Corporate/Plant Experience

·         Managed the regulatory-driven Fukushima initiative at the Perry Nuclear Plant; including the implementation of the mechanical and electrical modifications in support of the FLEX strategy, oversaw the Flooding Analysis and Mitigation, Seismic Analysis and Mitigation, Communications, Staffing Analysis and Off-Site Dose Analysis to ensure compliance with NRC Orders EA-12-049, EA-12-050, and EA 12-051 (Fukushima FLEX mitigation strategies for Beyond Design Basis External Events (BDBEE))

·          Managed the replacement of 3000/4000 amp Switchyard breakers at the Oconee Nuclear Plant

·          Managed the replacement or code repairs of safety related piping at the Wolf Creek Generating Station

·          Managed the replacement of the Generators, Exciters, Automatic Voltage Regulators, and Turbine Supervisory Oversight Systems at the Dominion North Anna and Surry Nuclear Plants

·          Managed Maintenance Optimization Projects at Brunswick, Turkey Point, DC Cook, and Quad Cities Nuclear Plants

·          Established Maintenance Rule Programs at the Salem, Hope Creek, Wolf Creek, DC Cook, Turkey Point, Prairie Island, and Monticello Nuclear Plants

·          Performed various Systems and Design Engineering roles at Wolf Creek, DC Cook, Perry, and Turkey Point Nuclear Plants

·          Performed Licensing/Regulatory activities at the Waterford, Kewaunee, DC Cook, LaSalle County, and Salem Nuclear Power Plants

·          US Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspector at the Millstone Generating Station

Academic Credentials and Qualifications